After the cyclone, your donations bless the poorest in Madagascar

Following Cyclone Enawo, IC Compassion launched a donation campaign in favor of the populations affected by the violence of the winds, the floods and the devastation.

Info Chrétienne Compassion works in partnership with 6 Christian NGOs working in Madagascar for many years. Humanitarians on the ground know the needs better than anyone. They are able to act as well as possible and quickly with vulnerable families. This is how emergency aid reached Antananarivo, thanks to Father Pedro et to volunteers working with Esther.

Today we give you news from the NGO Mercy Ministries which was able to reach the cities of the northeast, among the most affected by the strong winds. The roads being impassable, it is the MAF, Aviation fellowship mission, which delivered the “emergency relief packs” to the inhabitants of Maroantsetra and Antalaha.


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Discover the letter of Francis Adja of the team of Mercy Ministries Madagascar :

Cyclone Enawo which hit Madagascar at the beginning of March is already a distant memory for some, but for the Malagasy living in the northeast of the country, the region most affected by the violence of the winds, it is the harsh daily reality of the lack of drinking water, food and shelter following the destruction of many houses. Enawo is cited as the most devastating cyclone of the past 10 years with a sad toll of 80 deaths and more than 150 displaced people.

  • Emergency relief

Thanks to the mobilization of urgent and rapid aid sent by Friends ofInfo Chrétienne, the NGO Mercy Ministries who has been working for several years in the region has been able to help around sixty affected families in town and in a few surrounding villages, in the towns of Maroantsetra and Antalaha. Despite the roads 80% destroyed and the region's extreme isolation, the Mercy Ministries teams were able to reach the populations thanks to the help of the MAF (Mission Aviation Fellowship).

Thanks to your donations, each family rescued received an `` emergency relief pack '' including:

- 1 bag of rice,

- 1 basket of vegetables

- oil, pasta, soap and batteries

- 5 kg of super-flour (porridge flour, rich in protein)

- 1 water filter or tablets to purify the water

- 2 blankets

- medication

- 2 mosquito nets

- 2 new wills

  • Reconstruction

After the emergency aid phase, we are starting the reconstruction and recovery support phase. This will involve supporting the reconstruction actions of 3 churches and primary schools in the localities mentioned above. For example in the village of Fampanambo (17 km from Maroantsetra), the only primary school was flooded and the roof blown away. About a hundred students can no longer return to school, forced to stay at home. While the villagers are busy draining the water and cleaning as best they can, we will provide them with sheet metal and construction materials needed to restore the classrooms.

We will keep you informed of the progress of the work on site.

Together in the service of the Lord,
Francis ADJA
Mercy ministries

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