Afghanistan: UN expresses disappointment after closure of secondary schools for girls

The UN on Wednesday expressed its disappointment and "deep frustration" after the closure of middle and high schools for girls in Afghanistan, just hours after they reopened.

“I share the deep frustration and disappointment of Afghan high school girls and students who, after six months of waiting, were prevented from returning to school today,” reacted the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights. of the man Michelle Bachelet, in a press release.

“The inability of the de facto authorities to deliver on their commitment (…) – despite repeated commitments to girls' education, including during my visit to Kabul two weeks ago – is deeply damaging for Afghanistan” , she assured.

At the end of August, the senior UN official warned the Taliban that the treatment of women constitutes a "red line". On Wednesday, she called on the de facto authorities "to respect the right to education of all girls and to open schools to all students without discrimination or additional delay".

"The denial of the right to education violates the human rights of women and girls", and "exposes them to more violence, poverty and exploitation", according to Ms. Bachelet.

“This situation is very worrying at a time when the country desperately needs to overcome multiple crises”, and “it is counterproductive and unfair to deprive half of the Afghan population of all power”, she hammered. .

She also considered this discrimination detrimental to the country's prospects for recovery and development.

The announcement of the closure came as many students had already returned to secondary school lessons, for the first time since last August when Islamist fundamentalists seized power in the capital Kabul and severely restricted women's rights to education and at work.

The international community has made the right to education for all a stumbling block in negotiations on aid and recognition of the fundamentalist Islamist regime.

Since the Taliban took power last August, women have been oppressed in the country, the closure of secondary schools for girls being one example. This is also the case for Christians who no longer have a place "in this Islamic society" where if they are discovered, they risk being "abducted, tortured and killed", as the reports the NGO Portes Ouvertes.

The country arrives elsewhere tops the organization's 2022 Global Christian Persecution Index.

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