Study finds paracetamol to prevent feelings of compassion

This is a brand new study published in the Oxford review Social Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience which shows that, while alleviating our suffering, paracetamol would also reduce our ability to feel the suffering of others. We already knew that this drug, the most consumed in France with 500 million boxes sold each year, could constitute a risk to the liver.

Chis ability to greatly reduce empathy is easy to understand. Influencing the internal pain “sensor” nerve circuits also reduces their role as external sensors. This seemingly harmless drug (in the United States, one in four people takes it every week) can help create a society of indifference, where forgiveness would no longer have its place and where social relationships would be biased. in large scale.

Imagine a couple bickering over some topic. When the time comes to be reconciled in the evening, as the bible says ("May not the sun set on your anger"), the spouse who allegedly started the argument, suffering from "migraines", would take his dose of medicine and go to bed. His ability to feel the harm he would have done to his spouse would then be impaired, he would not measure the real significance of his words or actions and would be less inclined to ask for forgiveness. Made insensitive to pain signals, the spouse would let the quarrel escalate… because of a simple tablet of paracetamol.

And so it could be in every cog of our society, which for 150 years has been industrially manufacturing means of controlling pain. Largely of Germanic origin, the pharmaceutical industry was built on aspirin (Bayer), opiates (morphine) and today on the entire range of analgesics (paracetamol, ibuprofen) and NSAIDs (anti-inflammatory drugs). non-steroidal drugs). Journalist George-Alexandre Imbert believes that painkillers are "Worse than pain", and they explain according to him the strange apathy which we would show in the face of the attacks which follow one another.

The next time we want to run to a pharmacy (which offers more than 60 paracetamol drugs) for a little pain, consider these risks and choose alternative therapies, calm, healthy eating and actively practice the forgiveness (granted and requested): according to many, it would be a key to health and the refusal to forgive would be the cause of a great number of evils.


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