Evangelicals need to train at least 1000 pastors in next XNUMX years, says CNEF

According to the National Council of Evangelicals of France at least 1000 pastors will have to be trained in the next ten years to renew the evangelical pastoral body. The organization specifies that if this figure is significant, it is nevertheless a “low estimate”. 

The seconds Assizes of the formation of the National Council of Evangelicals of France (CNEF) took place on April 4 and 5 in Chevilly-Larue.

During this event, around fifty people representing the "main players in biblical and theological education in French-speaking Europe" and "the leaders of the unions of member churches of the CNEF" came together with a concrete goal: to imagine dynamics and synergies to meet the challenge of vocations and the formation of pastors and church leaders.

Gathered in small groups, the participants were invited to reflect on the subject of vocation, formation in the course of ministry as well as on the relationship between unions of churches and formation institutions.

According to the CNEF, one factor particularly guided these reflections: it is the need to train 1000 new pastors in the next 10 years to renew the evangelical pastoral body.

“This is the challenge of the sustainability of the evangelical movement in France for the years to come”, underlines Romain Choisnet, director of communication of the CNEF, on Twitter

While this figure may seem "impressive", the organization indicates that it is a low estimate since "the needs of ministries generated by current and future church plants are not taken into account".

To move forward on this subject, Evangelicals wish, among other things, to create a service dedicated to vocation, to plan an annual meeting between training institutions, church unions and youth works, to reflect on the pedagogical model for the formation of ministries as well as create a model of training by rotation for future pastors.

The CNEF specifies that working groups will be set up to explore the feasibility of these four projects.

Camille Westphal Perrier

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