90% of American Protestant Christians Will Attend Church on Christmas Day and New Years, Study Finds

A statistical study conducted by Life Way Research concludes that more than half of Americans plan to attend church on Christmas Sunday. Because yes! Christmas falls on a Sunday this year, and of course, New Year's Day. The question then arises for Christians, priests and pastors. Should we maintain Church gatherings on Christmas Day and New Year's Day?

Lhe North American Protestants seem to have decided. According to the survey, 90% of pastors will maintain Christmas Day and New Year's services. For Christians and church leaders who responded to the questionnaire, Christmas is an important time to educate non-Christians about the faith. More than half of Americans will therefore go to a church during the holidays.

Christians also take the measure of the opportunity offered to them to share the Gospel with as many people as possible. Many will therefore invite their friends and family members for Christmas worship. The famous feast will then become an opportunity to bear witness to one's faith and to help people discover their community.

In the French-speaking world too, more and more churches are seizing the occasion of the holidays to offer “Christmas” gatherings. We seem to be moving away more and more from certain controversies around the pagan origins of the festival or the denunciation of commercial abuses, to reappropriate the unstoppable phenomenon and make it a tool in the service of the proclamation of the Gospel.

But what will ultimately be the opening of churches in Francophonie on the specific days of Christmas and New Year's Day? Even if the question is rumored within the communities, no study has apparently been undertaken.

How do you plan to celebrate Christmas and start the New Year? What choice has your church made?

For once, we suggest that you let us know your decision in a comment on our Facebook page, and if a trend emerges, we will let our readers know in a new article.


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