According to Gérard Majax, Jesus was a magician and a healer who faked miracles

Here is an interview of Gérard Majax and Jean-Marc Morandini which did not leave us indifferent. For the famous French illusionist, Jesus was a magician and a healer who rigged his miracles.

Invited on the set of Morandini Live on CNews, the magician Gérard Majax, who declares himself "not quite a believer", tells how, according to him, the miracles of Jesus were not. They were sometimes the fruit of his medical knowledge, sometimes the consequence of rigging related to weather conditions for example. When he announces to introduce his words, that "it does not matter" the authenticity of the miracles, the host answers:

“Oh no, I don't agree with you, it's not regardless of miracles. Because Jesus, he is loved, he is also worshiped, because he showed that he was the son of God, because he worked miracles. "

But according to Gérard Majax, it would take some medical knowledge to make someone emerge from a coma, a nail bite on a cataract for sight to be restored, and sudden freezing to walk on water ... During his argument, he also announces that Mary would have been adulterous and that Jesus would not have died on the cross. He would have been treated by his friends ...

Of course, faith is necessary to believe in the authenticity of the Bible, to believe in miracles, to believe in the Son of God made man and dead for the salvation of the greatest number. The preaching of the cross is "foolishness" said the apostle Paul.

But it will also take a certain dose of "faith" to believe the explanations and justifications of Gérard Majax.

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To access the full interview, go to the Jean-Marc Morandini.


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