For Charlie Hebdo, God is a runaway murderer! The response ofInfo Chrétienne

Tomorrow, January 6, an issue of Charlie Hebdo commemorating the attacks of January 7, 2015, will have a circulation of 1 million copies. The front page holds God responsible for the killings of these attacks. Yes, that leaves you speechless, it's so sad ...

CThis one has already been widely commented on by a large number of media, Info Chrétienne wished to answer it with a drawing and to oppose the offense, forgiveness. You can join this process to make the voice of Christians heard tomorrow, by sharing this article or this image on social networks.

Update of January 7: Publication of this text sent on January 6 to subscribers ofInfo Chrétienne by email and on Facebook

Just like me, and many Christians in France, you were undoubtedly shocked by the front page of the Charlie Hebdo issue, which has now been published in 1 million copies.

This One, which commemorates the Charlie Hebdo attacks of January 7, presents God as the murderer on the run from these attacks. Without taking too much risk, the designer made sure that this God resembles the God of Christians, less used to bloody reprisals.

Many newspapers and websites have reacted to this new offense by the cartoonists. Info Chrétienne wanted to react in its own way with a parody of this One in which the pencil, symbol of the freedom of expression to which Charlie Hebdo claims, can also be a pencil that erases the abusive uses of this precious freedom.

We also wanted to recall by modifying the "1 year after" of the front page of Charlie Hebdo by "2000 years after" that, if the cartoonists were persecuted a year ago, Christians have suffered persecution for 2000 years. ! This continues today in this one which helps to maintain and develop a climate of Christianophobia in France.

Finally, we wanted to reaffirm the values ​​of our Christian faith by appropriating this extraordinary declaration of Jesus on the cross:

“Father, forgive them because they do not know what they are doing. We Christians respond not to attacks with mockery, offense and incitement to quarrel, but with forgiveness.

If you want to join me and raise your voice with me to promote the values ​​of love and forgiveness in the face of offenses against Christians in France, you can share this image on your social networks.

Guillaume Anjou

We talk about it elsewhere in the press ...

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Only small error, some sites following AFP attributed the above remarks to a Protestant agreement which took up our article.

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