Boris Johnson says all evidence suggests Russia is planning 'the biggest war in Europe since 1945'

In an interview with the BBC on Sunday, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said that everything seems to suggest that Russia is planning "the biggest war in Europe since 1945". 

Interviewed by the BBC Sunday, February 20 from Munich where leaders from around the world were gathered for an annual conference on security, Boris Johnson spoke about the Ukrainian crisis.

He said that Russia is preparing what could be "the biggest war in Europe since 1945". "All signs show that the plan has already begun in some respects," continued the English Prime Minister.

According to the BBC, the latest US government estimates suggest that between 169 and 000 Russian troops are stationed along the Ukrainian border. A figure that also includes rebels in eastern Ukraine.

Boris Johnson added that this conflict, if it took place, would be "bloody and prolonged".

Olaf Scholz is due to meet Russian President Vladimir Putin on Monday in a fresh diplomatic effort to defuse the Russian-Western crisis over Ukraine, German Chancellor Spokesman Steffen Hebestreit said Monday during a a regular press conference in Berlin.

The German leader “will speak again by telephone with the Russian president late afternoon today, which is closely linked and agreed with the French president” Emmanuel Macron, he said.

"All the diplomatic efforts that we are currently making together are aimed at avoiding a catastrophe" in Ukraine, he added.

The day before, Mr. Scholz had already spoken “at length” on this subject with the French president. The Elysee Palace announced in the evening that Presidents Vladimir Putin and Joe Biden had agreed in principle to meet at a summit, a proposal made by France.

This summit “can only be held if Russia does not invade Ukraine”, warned Paris and Washington.

The Kremlin, however, deemed Monday “premature” to speak of such a summit, preferring to continue “the dialogue at the level of ministers (of Foreign Affairs)”.

"We find ourselves in an extremely dangerous situation, with more than 100.000 Russian soldiers massed along the Ukrainian border," said Scholz's spokesman.

“Contrary to what had been announced, Russia did not withdraw its troops from Belarus but extended its military maneuvers for an indefinite period,” he said.

Germany wants to favor the diplomatic channel and refuses at this stage to put in place any preventive sanctions against Russia, recalled Mr. Hebestreit.

In this context of crisis, Ukrainian Christians have decided to deploy their weapons: it's about prayer and worship.

"People are worried but we encourage them to turn to Jesus with all our might because only through prayer can we keep peace in our country," said Kyzmenko Dmytro, pastor of New Generation Church. from Lviv to CBN News last week.

Camille Westphal Perrier (with AFP)

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