Abortion of children with Down's syndrome or dwarfs is now prohibited in Indiana

If we understand correctly through this article, what the American legislators of the state of Indiana meant, abortion, would it have become a 'comfort' in some cases to avoid certain families the management 'too heavy? 'from a different child?

Any 'different' child and therefore requiring some adjustments in the life of his parents would not therefore be 'unborn'. Whether you have dwarfism, Down's syndrome, or poorly trained, doctors seem to advise an abortion in all of these cases.

Members and lawmakers of the Indiana General Assembly passed a bill prohibiting the 'elimination' (sic understand abortion) of unborn children with or suspected of having Down's syndrome, or any other disease.

Bill HB1337 passed the House of Representatives by 60 to 40 votes, a week after the Indiana Senate banned abortion of fetuses, because of their race, color, origin or nationality, their ancestors , sex, or any diagnosis or potential diagnosis of the fetus with Down's syndrome, or any other disease. The text emphasizes that by 'other diseases' are included any physical or mental illness, ranging from deformities of the face, to scoliosis, to dwarfism, to albinos or to fetuses with 'tetra amelia' (fetus without arms or legs) .

Indiana Senators Liz Brown, R-Fort Wayne, said the law is needed because doctors sometimes encourage mothers to abort because of the child's health because of the 'abnormality'.

“What we hear from the medical profession is often that this type of child should not be born. But, we legislators say: if you are born we will love you, and we believe that you have equal rights and that you should be a member of our society, with equal rights. "

The governor of Pennsylvania in 2014, Tom Corbett signed the Prenatal Down's Syndrome Education Act, which empowers mothers to contact for resources and support services, at the level of national and local organizations. assistance, and access to upstream intervention programs, which include home help and therapy.

This legislation was inspired by Chloe Kondrich, a young girl with Down's syndrome whose parents, Kurt and Margie Knodrich, were horrified when they learned that about 90% of women abort after being diagnosed.

In France, 80% of fetuses screened for or suspected of having trisomy 21 are eliminated.


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