A young man praises the Lord during his brain surgery

It was an incredible moment for Reuben Hill, a 22-year-old Englishman with a brain tumor the size of a golf ball lodged in an area involved in language and communication.

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he patient, a young physics doctoral student, athlete and member of the Imperial College choir, feared losing his language skills during this innovative procedure, which he was the first in the world to benefit from outside of Canada.

During this type of operation, sedation keeps patients conscious, their ability to communicate being an important element in controlling the smooth running of the operation. As the doctors performed the laser surgery, they checked that the language area had not been harmed in the early stages by asking Reuben to please sing something.

He spontaneously performed the song “10 Reasons” by Matt Redman (000 Reasons to Praise the Lord), of which here is an excerpt:

Whatever the circumstances or the difficulties before me,
I will sing when the evening comes.
Bless God, O my soul,
Give glory to his holy name.
Oh, sing like never before, oh my soul.
Give glory to his holy name.

A few months later, the intervention is qualified as a total success and the young student has now resumed research for his doctorate. He will tell the BBC:

I will only remember being happy.

A beautiful public testimony of the faith in Jesus of a young student.

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source: Dailymail , with the BBC

Originally published September 1, 2015

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