Priest murdered while helping woman robbed in Venezuela

On Tuesday, October 20, Father José Manuel de Jesus Ferreira, aged 39, was assassinated at the end of mass in Cojedes, Venezuela.

Mgr Polito Rodríguez Méndez, the bishop of the diocese of San Carlos de Venezuela in collaboration with the Congregation of Priests of the Sacred Heart of Jesus issued a statement to inform of the death of the Venezuelan priest, reported theFidès Agency.

The murder took place at the end of the mass, while the father José Manuel de Jesus Ferreira, greeted parishioners in front of the church. The statement reports that he tried to defend a woman who was the victim of a snatch, which resulted in him being shot.

“The priest, when he greeted this small group of people, saw a woman who had been robbed, to come to his aid, he received a shot. Until the last moment, Father José Manuel did good. "

Seriously injured Jose Manuel was taken to San Carlos Hospital where he died shortly after.

THEAid to the Church in Need (AED) whose priest was a partner wished to pay tribute to him on the website.

Ordained in 2009, Father José Manuel was pastor of the diocesan Eucharistic Sanctuary of Saint John the Baptist. He is described as a man with a charismatic and dynamic spirit and an affable and calm character. He also promoted activities in favor of the most disadvantaged.

Born in Caracas on November 25, 1980, this son of Portuguese immigrants had “particularly marked” the ACN, by “his devotion and his great love for Christ”.



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