A prayer that leads to God

Is your prayer life bland? In Fervent and Effective Prayer (RDF ed.), Ugandan pastor Michael Kimuli suggests three steps to achieve a revitalized prayer life. It is based on the text of Luke 11,9: “Ask and it will be given to you, seek and you will find, knock and it will be opened to you”.

"Lord, I pray for my husband, my children, uh… Cure my cold, amen!" ". Do you feel that your prayers are sometimes limited to a series of recited formulas or “information” about your situation? Once your "list" is exhausted, you get up and move on, feeling like you've had a rather boring time ... No wonder prayer then appears as just one more chore in a busy day! Three steps to find a real dialogue with God.

1. Ask

African pastor Michael Kimuli compares prayer to climbing a hill; the prayer of supplication would be the starting point.

“At this level, you know exactly what you want to say to God and what you want to get from him. "

For prayer to be effective, the pastor specifies that it is necessary, in particular, to ask with faith, to have just reasons, to be precise, to ask in accordance with the will of God and to live righteously. Just that!

However, our prayers should not be limited to this level, which is only one-sided, otherwise we will not be able to “enter into communion with God,” writes Michael Kimuli.

2. Search

When you come to the end of your prayer list, and words start to fail, the time has come to seek God.

The pastor writes:

“So many people miss out on the best because they stop praying after the 'ask' level! ". To seek God is to go beyond the concern to satisfy one's earthly needs and to desire God himself by putting him at the center. Therein is the real joy: “When you find Christ, you will find everything. "

At this level, we no longer pray with our intelligence, but with our soul. The author details: “You are starting to want to experience more spiritual realities, to be close to God. You no longer want to stop ”. God himself gives us the words we lack to express our deep feelings (Rom. 8, 26).

“And sometimes God helps you express that hunger with deep sighs or tears. We all need to get at least once in a while to a point where only tears speak. "

3. Hit

If “asking” comes from our intelligence and “seeking” results from our soul, the level of “knocking” emanates from the Spirit. It is the highest stage of the three ways of praying. In addition to helping us pray, the Holy Spirit prays through us: it is intercessory prayer, which makes us perceive things from God's point of view.

“You are just in his presence, where he shares with you what he cares about, his feelings for people. So you start begging him for them. "

Because we cannot be so close to God and at the same time remain indifferent to the needs of those around us. We must stay in the presence of God long enough for him to speak to us. This implies that, rather than integrating God into our program, we should abide by his program!

R. Piaget

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