Pastor and rabbi denounce genocide of Christians in Africa

Reverend Johnnie Moore, an Evangelical Christian, and Rabbi Abraham Cooper, an Orthodox Jew, through first-hand accounts of the Christian genocide in Africa, in their book, The Next Jihad.

Aith The Next Jihad, (The next Jihad in French), released on October 13, Reverend Johnnie More and Rabbi Abraham Cooper wished to make religious communities aware of the plight of Christians in Africa. The book is based on the field experience of different multi-faith leaders to shed light on this terrorist threat facing Christians.

“THE NEXT JIHAD is a small effort to put astonishing statistics on a human face. We have tried to give voice to some, but thousands of others are suffering in silence ”

In an interview with biblegateway Abraham Cooper explains that Africa attracts little attention from the great powers which facilitates the development of terrorist groups:

“Africa hardly seems to attract the attention of world powers unless there are natural resources at stake. For the average American, this is far removed from our daily reality. It is a plus for terrorist groups or other insurgencies to incubate and develop. Endemic poverty and corruption, historical grievances and the residue of colonialism all add to the potential toxic brew. "

Johnnie More recounts the power of the testimonies they gathered to write this book, terrible stories where Christians cling to their faith no matter what:

 “Terrorists in Africa have discovered that they can target Christians, or others, with impunity. For many believers, they literally live in what King David called (in Psalm 23) "the valley of the shadow of death", but these believers "certainly do not fear any evil". You will not believe the power of their testimonies as we wrote them in The Next Jihad. Maybe people should start not with chapter one, but with chapter five where we tell the story of the pastor who was forced to be a hostage negotiator, who saw two of his churches burned down, but who kept his faith. "

The pastor adds:

"One of the things I love most about this book is that in addition to discussing the urgent need to save persecuted Christians in Nigeria, it also tells a powerful story of Jewish and Christian collaboration . "


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