A mother hugs her son's murderer and forgives him

For this mother, forgiveness is "the only way".

Dormitília Lopes is the mother of a doctor, Andrade Lopes Santana, who at 32 was found dead in a river in Brazil. The main suspect, Geraldo Freitas, is a colleague of the victim. He was arrested just hours after the crime took place.

The victim's mother was able to speak with him.

“He hugged me, cried with me, said he felt my pain. When he arrived handcuffed at the police station with a coat over his head, I said, “Junior, you killed my son, why did you do that? "

Questioned by G1, Dormitília Lopes claimed to have forgiven the one who killed her son.

“I can't stand the resentment, hatred or the desire for revenge on the killer. I forgive because our only way is to forgive, there is no other way, if you want to go to heaven, if you don't forgive. "


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