A Miracle Every Day: Here we go again!

Dear InfoChrétienne readers,

We all love great stories, those that often start with "Once upon a time ..."

So I would like to tell you about one, which, moreover, is true!

I met Jesus when I was about to be 19 years old. Very early on I was keen to serve him. When I was 21, I had the privilege of being part of Billy Graham's team to organize a major evangelistic campaign in France. Seeing all these people come to Christ has had a huge impact on my life ...

Then, with this passion for the proclamation of the gospel, I became a pastor. And Internet arriving in France I started, in 1997, to imagine Internet sites like, for example, TopChretien.com, ConnaitreDieu.com, Jesus.net, etc. to make Jesus known to as many people as possible. For this I have often been helped by exceptional people. Thank you to the Lord for them ...

After many years of intense service, Muriel and I have decided to take a time out and search for God and his will. It was 7 years ago. We moved to the beautiful mountains of Colorado. There, for a few months, my days were punctuated by prayer walks. In other words I was walking and talking with Jesus. And he too began to speak to my heart. “Write for me! The Lord seemed to say to me day after day.

To tell the truth I was not very enthusiastic with this "funny idea". I was not a writer. But I know that God does not always call for “qualified” but that He is always ready to qualify his called. So I started to write. First a book called "Divine Connections" then a daily e-mail titled "A Miracle Every Day".

This daily message has become something of a phenomenon in the field of email. It exists today in 15 languages ​​and has hundreds of thousands of readers. And in Madgascar it is even broadcast every day on national radio.

Rather than creating a sort of “Eric Célérier Ministry”, the Lord put me at heart to train authors for the different languages. So not everything depends on one person, on the contrary.

I had the privilege of training Bruno Picard for the French language. He became the author in French and he did so with great dedication for a little over 2 years. Unfortunately, going through personal difficulties, Bruno had to interrupt his mission. A Miracle Every Day has been on hiatus for several months.

I was very sad about this situation. And especially for all the people who have been deprived of this daily message of encouragement which has helped so many people.

But there you have it… what is dead can also be resuscitated! I invite you to watch this little clip :

As you may have heard in this video, our Spanish author also speaks French. Christian Misch is a man who deeply loves Jesus and also people. It is read by over 100,000 people every day in Spanish. He agreed to become the author of Un Miracle Every Day in French. What good news !

In addition, Christian will enrich the concept by offering each week a theme, a prayer journal as well as a LIVE to bring together and pray with readers.

If you wish to receive A Miracle Every Day, it is necessary to register here.

NB: even if you were registered before, registration is essential, the distributor having changed.

Previously it was TopChrétien (whom I especially thank) who sent e-mails. Now it's the foundation Jesus.net (which is already the distributor of Un Miracle Every Day in the 14 other languages), which will send the e-mails in French.

By registering you will receive an interactive e-book created by Christian Misch entitled "7 Prayers to Connect More with God".

The first "miracle" written by Christian will arrive in e-mail boxes on Monday. If you don't want to miss this fresh start, take a few moments to register.

I pray that this beautiful story that began as a miracle will turn into a miracle for your own life, your family, and everyone who reads Christian's texts.

Once upon a time ... your story of miracles dear readers!

With all my love,

Eric Célérier

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