A mass in the car brings together 500 Christians in Châlons-en-Champagne

Bishop Touvet's drive-in mass brought together 500 Christians in the diocese of Châlons.

C 'is in the form of a drive-in that fair resumed in the diocese of Châlons, and Christians came in large numbers, since 200 vehicles were waiting, well aligned, for the start of the mass presided over by Bishop Touvet, bishop of Châlons.

The mass was broadcast live by Radio RCF Coeur de Champagne to prevent the faithful from leaving their vehicles, and, once is not customary, the horns joined the songs of the believers.

Mass was held in the parking lot of the Capitol, concert hall and shows.

A Christian interviewed by Agence France Presse testified to the importance of the Eucharist for Catholics.

“It's been such a long time since we had a Mass and a Eucharist, this is the occasion. I think the idea is good for the Eucharist because it is what we miss the most. "

Another attested that for her, it was a question of witnessing to her faith:

“It is to relive, it is to bear witness to our faith, and to say that we are a church, we are all together. "

Finally, a last mentioned the “need to come together”.

“It's been two months since we last had mass, so it's still very important to be there this morning. It is also a testimony to say that Catholics need Mass, that it is really essential, that it is vital and that we need to come together ”.


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