In Lyon, a co-working space turns into a place of worship on Sundays

It is an original initiative, born in Lyon from the exchange around a drink in a pub, of a pastor and graphic designer Timothée Pomier, and of an entrepreneur, Diane del Papa, wishing to open a co-working space. in old Lyon.

Ainsi was born in a former Indian restaurant, a dedicated space for 17 independent workers during the week, which sees the faithful of the Church of Timothée meet on Sundays. For the pastor of the Evangelical Protestant Church of Vieux-Lyon, no need to drive 40 minutes in the morning to get to church.

It is a win-win partnership, inspired by Italy, according to Raphaël Anzenberger, this ministry dedicated to the planting of churches.

“You have to see it as a marriage of convenience, a win-win formula. On the one hand, very often evangelicals do not find a church. On the other hand, art galleries or co-working spaces are unable to rent their premises on weekends. "

If the initiators of this project defend themselves from any proselytizing ambition, some Bibles are still left available, and the place wants to be welcoming and open to exchanges.

Faced with real estate pressure in the big cities of France and elsewhere, one can imagine that this formula will undoubtedly appeal to other churches wishing to invest again in historic city centers.


source: 20 Minutes

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