A little science… Testimony of a contemporary "Thomas" about evolution

I've always asked myself a LOT of questions. I used to glue my Sunday school teachers about the paradoxes that seem to appear in the Bible, I pissed off my sisters by asking my mother 20 questions a minute to understand the tiniest detail of a movie. 'plot. I believed in God too, with the faith of a child, and I even began to seek him more personally through a passionate reading of the Bible from my 12 years old. But at the end of my 15 years, the age of syntheses, I found myself facing the biggest challenge of my life: doubt.

J'had accumulated a huge number of unanswered questions on the one hand because my non-believing friends were testing my faith, and also because of the image of the world that certain classes gave me at school, but until then, I had always managed to put them aside because I had my childhood faith to protect me; if my parents believed, then I had no further evidence to ask.
But I couldn't live through them anymore, it was time I questioned everything and made my own opinion. The core of my questions then could be summed up as follows:

"Why the violence of the Old Testament? How will other religions be judged? Why does God not act more if he exists? ”

The worst of them being:

"How is it that everyone, all educated people (my teachers, the media, the smartest of my friends) believe in evolution ?? Isn't this a vision of the world that is more consistent than the Bible with its stories of snakes and fruits that should not be eaten? A priori the evolution is much more serious ”.

So, reluctantly, I began to destroy my biblical view of the origins of the world while remaining a believer. I no longer believed in Genesis because of questions like Cain's wife (where did she come from?), The origin of humanity from 2 people (and the malformations that Think about 2 people from the same family who have children…), people who live 900 years…

But by breaking these foundations, my faith had become more than shaky, my inner self felt that if the Bible was lying to me about the origins, it could just as well lie to me for the rest. As a result, at 16 I fell into a great depression, I was depressed because doubt showed me a world without God, and without God I did not want to live.

I loved this God, as far as he could exist… As soon as I had a semblance of an answer to one of my questions I was happy, as soon as I had a new question I plunged back into depression because not having answer implied for me the possibility of the non-existence of God. I wanted to sleep to escape them, I even sometimes wanted to sleep forever ...

The answers to my questions were given to me slowly.

First of all, I was reassured by Christians of a charismatic type, they had the particularity of living God differently, their faith was not based only on good reasoning but rather on facts! (Miracles, words of knowledge, etc.) However this was not yet sufficient, because one could easily understand otherwise all these phenomena, by invoking the existence of human powers but still unknown to science for example.

Then I realized that we really couldn't take Adam and Eve out of biblical doctrine, because Romans 5:18 tells us:

"So then, as the fault of one has brought condemnation upon all men, so the righteous work of one procures for all a justification which gives life."

So if I said that I didn't believe in Adam, that he was an allegorical figure, I said at the same time at the sight of this verse that Jesus might as well be one.

It was during my studies at EPFL that I confronted the creationist vision of the world (well, there are several) and evolution, after a friend answered my question on the genetic impossibility that 2 beings are the source of humanity. As he responded excellently, I gave the Bible and creation a chance. I searched and still searched the net for the best creationist sources (so as not to come across people who believe they are doing science, but real honest and pragmatic men), regularly confronted evolutionist and creationist sources on the difficult subjects of geology and other fields of science, to come to the conclusion that the creationist view is scientifically admissible and even more likely than evolution.

And do not imagine that it was easy for me, never would I have thought to believe one day what I believe today, never would I have thought that the vision of the world which the school and the media transmits to us were so false and that one could support it without being a mental moron!

The result of all this?

Faith of iron for a man some considered hopeless, a guy who would never have strong faith! Now I see God again like when I was a child, but now I know why and I can explain it. When I began to realize that God was REALLY as the Bible describes him, so powerful, so unpredictable, so active, so glorious, it was a joy that was difficult for me to express, my world regained its colors.

God answered not only this science question about evolution and creation, but ALL my questions, or at least gave me the beginnings of answers. And more importantly, he just gave me the faith to be satisfied with partial answers. Because make no mistake, by reasoning alone it is not possible to arrive at a deep conviction, it is in the end only by opening the eyes of your hearts, and I do not speak only metaphorically, I speak of 'a source of certain information that just needs to be activated, from a real "organ" that you have, faith, that you will reach certain certainties.

I will summarize my experience by quoting Pasteur, the famous scientist who said:

"A LITTLE science takes one away from God, but A LOT of science takes one back."

The 6 strong arguments that changed me

Some philosophical arguments, for Christians

  • A God of love could not use a principle having death as its main motor to create life, which is what evolution does since its motor is the survival of the fittest.
  • If the theory of evolution is true, man would only appear after millions of years of death and suffering as the Bible describes a perfect world filled with herbivorous animals that were the origin of mankind , death not appearing until after the sin of Adam and Eve.
  • The almighty God we know, who heals lepers instantly (which, when you think about it biologically, is extremely impressive), who can create fish at will (multiplication of loaves and fish), would use a process so long, so inefficient and so complicated to obtain mammals and man?

Some scientific arguments

  • Photo of a tree trunk fossil crossing several geological strata

    The geological layers are presented to us as having been deposited during periods of millions of years, however, a certain Guy Berthault proposes in a valid way that these layers can be depositions of the flood of the Bible. If this is true, one of the main "evidence" of evolution collapses, and many facts point in this direction, for example there are fossilized trees which cross many sedimentary layers (polystrate fossils).

How to explain that this tree is found there if it was not quickly buried by the layers around it?
On this subject, a video by Guy Berthault is available on the web.



  • The systems that make up the human being and the animals are extremely complex, some cannot be explained by a gradual appearance, little by little, mutation by mutation. For example, how to understand that a caterpillar can develop the ability to transform into a butterfly by successive small steps? Resume your biology lessons about mutations, or educate yourself a little if you've never heard of them and try to imagine yourself precisely, at the molecular level, all the difficulties that must be overcome.
    For example, if the cocoon is formed by chance but the transformation is not yet complete, the caterpillar dies, and therefore it does not transmit the mutation that created the cocoon, and that is of no use. The mutation that brings about the transformation would have to take place exactly at the same time as the one that creates the cocoon. But I am speaking this way so that you understand, that it would take thousands of lucky mutations, if not millions, all going in the right direction, just for the cocoon to be created in the right way.
  • Nowadays, the human being accumulates more and more genetic defects, because it is not uncommon for a mutation to take place in the genetic heritage of a spermatozoon or an egg, but these mutations are dormant, do not exist. 'do not express in our body, and therefore they cannot be eliminated by natural selection (death of the individual). This implies that if we go back to the past, we always get fewer negative mutations in our genes and that by going back enough, we arrive at a time when there was no mutation in the genes. This is in line with the biblical assertion that in the beginning everything was good and it also explains that the first brothers and sisters who had children together (the law according to which a brother cannot marry his sister is not yet in existence. force at the beginning of mankind, we see in the Bible that this law comes later, inspired by God who knew these genetic problems long before mankind) did not have to fear deformities for their children. In fact, for a recessive mutation to be expressed, the child must receive exactly the same mutation from his mother and from his father.

Contribution transmitted by David Lehman

The writing ofInfo Chrétienne is aware of the lively debates which agitate Christians around questions which may seemingly oppose science and faith. As a news media, it seems interesting to us to make known several opinions on the subject, whether they are creationists or theistic evolutionists, insofar as the discourse remains benevolent and sufficiently supported and argued to provide relevant avenues for reflection. .
If the debates can be opened on the how, the drafting has no doubts about the divine creative act at the origin of the world.

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