A group of 'good Samaritans' helps a family stuck in an overturned car

On Saturday evening, four "good Samaritans" who witnessed a car accident came to the aid of the family trapped inside the vehicle which had overturned in a canal. Thanks to their intervention, all the occupants of the vehicle were released safe and sound.

On Saturday evening, in Miami-Dade County located in southeastern Florida, Vivian Machado attended a traffic accident. She said to Local 10 News that she had seen a car roll three times before landing in a canal.

She reports that she then grabbed her phone to contact the emergency services, while her son was checking to see if there were any injuries in the damaged car. She adds that he managed to break the windshield and saw an air pocket that allowed the family, trapped in the car, to breathe out of the water.

according to WSVN News, two other motorists, Ryheen Miller and Loraine Clarke, stopped to help the victims of the accident.

When help finally arrived, the four "good Samaritans" helped them free the family of four from the car.

Loraine Clarke reveals that she spent time praying with the mother, who was the first to be rescued, for the safety of her children. She also reports that when all of the family members were finally released, “everyone started clapping, stomping their feet on the floor and literally clapping and praising God.”

Kevin Martin, chief of the Miami-Dade fire brigade, praised the action of the mother who returned to the water twice to pick up her children, she is "the real hero" of this story, he said.

He also said that as a precaution, the survivors were taken to hospital but no injuries were reported.

In a follow-up article to this case published yesterday, Local 10 News indicates that the one who was described as the "mother" in the other sources, is in fact the aunt of the children, two little girls aged 6 and 8.

Camille Westphal Perrier

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