A giant statue of Jesus, the largest on the African continent, erected in Nigeria

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A Nigerian businessman Obinna Onuoha commissioned this statue in 2013. A devout Catholic, he had this vision in 1997. He hopes his village Abajah in southeastern Nigeria will become a place of pilgrimage.


Lhe statue nicknamed "Jesus The Greatest" was designed by a company in China. In white marble, it weighs 40 tons and its height is 8,53m. This representation of Jesus overlooks the Church of St. Aloysius, in a posture reminiscent of Rio de Janeiro.

“To the question why I built this statue is like asking myself how I came into the world, I am a Christian and a Catholic, and the statue of Jesus represents my faith,” said Obinna Onuoha. “I believe that we are here on earth for different purposes and each person evolves with their own instincts. My motivation is to build and strengthen the faith of this community by raising this statue. ”

"The statue will be a great symbol of faith for the Catholic faithful and those who pass by this magnificent statue," Bishop Augustin Tochukwu Okwuoma said during his inauguration on 1er January 2016.

It takes boldness to erect a statue of Jesus in a predominantly Muslim country. In the north of the country, Boko Haram continues its abuses. Christians are a minority in Nigeria, but this businessman believes that “people can live in harmony”.

Nathanael Bechdolff

Source: AfricaZap

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