“A future, a hope: Chronicles of an evangelical Protestant parliamentary chaplaincy”, a work that gives hope

How to make the Gospel heard in Parliament? This is the question Thierry Le Gall asked himself. Following a spiritual revelation, the pastor embarked on an unprecedented adventure in France: to create a chaplaincy service for members of Parliament. He talks about it in his book, “A Future, a Hope: Chronicles of an Evangelical Protestant Parliamentary Chaplaincy”.

It all started in 2011, when Thierry Le Gall and his wife Sylvie went through a most painful ordeal, the brutal loss of their son David. The pastoral vocation of Thierry Le Gall will take a new turn: he discovers that he is called to testify to his Christian faith with the political class.

Over the course of many steps and meetings, he will create with the help of the National Council of Evangelicals of France a post hitherto unpublished in France and becomes an evangelical Protestant parliamentary chaplain.

In his book, “A future, a hope: Chronicles of an evangelical Protestant parliamentary chaplaincy” published by Editions du Cerf and which reads like a novel, it tells this beautiful adventure in the corridors of the Senate and the National Assembly.

Thierry Le Gall clearly insists on the character of his mission, it is not a question of lobbying the elected representatives of our country. Far from the American model, he simply provides them with pastoral support.

He is also available to discuss with them on subjects that generally mobilize Christians such as bioethics, secularism and certain social issues. "They want to take the pulse of the population" specifies the author. Some parliamentarians have, moreover, the desire to learn about evangelical Christianity, others are even in spiritual search.

Because it is important information that Thierry Le Gall reveals to us, which will not fail to delight many believers, he affirms it: there are more Christians than what we believe in the two chambers of Parliament and this on the right, as on the left.

Thierry Le Gall tells us a recent anecdote on this subject. Visiting a left-wing senator with whom he has had a pastoral relationship for several months, to "read the Bible and talk about the things of God", the chaplain confided to him that he felt him "on the brink of accept Christ” into his life. The senator then replied with a smirk: “but who tells you that he has not already entered? ".

Here is one example among many others that you will be able to discover over the pages of this book, which show us that Jesus can also have his place in the hearts of those who sit in the holy of holies of secularism.

On secularism precisely, Thierry Le Gall, without denying the anticlerical currents which exist and which can sometimes be strong, reminds us that we live a secularism of tolerance, a legacy of Aristide Briand, which gives a good place to freedom of religion and of thought.

However, at the time of writing his book, the so-called “separatism” law had not yet been promulgated. Like many believers, the author denounces this law which, according to him, creates “a progressive nibbling to limit the influence of religion in French society”.

Yet this book is indeed a tribute to the culture of our country, to its respect for religion and to our elected officials for whom Thierry Le Gall invites us to pray.

He also urges Christians to get involved, in politics if they feel called to do so, but especially in the territories, within associations or for social causes. Always keeping in mind that we have a “dual citizenship”, adds the parliamentary chaplain. A terrestrial and a celestial citizenship, which implies that we must respect those around us who think differently from us. "The biblical message is a living word that inspires but does not impose anything", recalls Thierry Le Gall.

“It must be courageously and honestly recognized that Christians do not have all the answers. We have values, a heritage. The model of Jesus is a model of justice, humility and gentleness. It is possible to speak a strong and just word with humility and gentleness” he continues.

A statement that echoes what he writes in his book when he recalls that “our Christian values, especially ethical ones, should not become fortresses”.

In conclusion, for the country to get better, Christians must get involved, not necessarily to play politics but to inspire it, to instil the values ​​of Jesus, without arrogance. “Regain courage, do not despair, mobilize! », proclaims the author who offers us with this work renewed hope for the future of our country!

Camille Westphal Perrier

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