A father forgives the murderer of his son and explains why "In Olivier's eyes"

Poignant and moving testimony of this father who lost his son during a news item, one summer evening at the exit of a nightclub.

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Martin Mervoyer was 19 when a nightclub bouncer shot him in the heart. He was trying to calm a discussion that was going wrong. The depressed bouncer was under the influence of alcohol. Martin died in front of his cousin Adrien. As a young medical student, he tried to resuscitate his cousin, but feeling him leave, he told him just before seeing him die:

"Save us two places in paradise." "

Martin died smiling. Adrien testifies today :

“The next day, after the night at the gendarmerie, we met in the field with 18 young people, and we spent the day praying and telephoning families to announce Martin's death. "

Martine and Frédéric, Martin's parents are Christians. They told Olivier Delacroix, how they chose to forgive Dominique, the aggressor.

“I have always made a covenant with God, so I let God express himself in me, and it is true that this compassion, I tell myself that it is part of me, and that it does not belong to me. It is almost the forgiveness of Christ which passes through me and which must go into the world. "

Frédéric is even ready to love Dominique, the murderer.

“Justice will have to be done, but as a man, I can still love you. "

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Originally published July 5, 2016

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