A burglar steals less than 20 euros from an offering box: the church offers to help him in his difficulties

A sticker is now attached to the offering box of this English church: "If you are in need, please ask for our help rather than rob us".

CCTV cameras at St. Anne's Church in Soho, England, recorded some startling footage. A thief came to steal the offering box… twice!

The first time, the man arrives with a screwdriver, unscrews the trunk and recovers the 15 books which are there, that is to say less than 20 euros. The following week, the same man returns, better equipped, since this time he had an electric screwdriver!

Simon Buckley, who shared an image of the video surveillance on Facebook, quipped:

“So when you figured out how to get into the church donation box and came back the next day with a screwdriver to take away £ 15, why not come a week later with an ELECTRIC screwdriver to make the job easier? ! Simple "

He also clarified that a sticker had been placed on the offering box. “If you are in need, please ask for our help rather than rob us,” it read.


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