A Portuguese sanctuary and Russian churches now inscribed on the list of World Heritage of Humanity

1007 cultural and natural properties are now included in this list.

he world heritage of humanity is an appellation awarded to places and properties which have outstanding universal value. Being on this list allows the site to be preserved for future generations.

Nowadays, 1007 places are listed there. Among them, newly appointed, a sanctuary in Portugal and churches in Russia.

The Sanctuary of Bom Jesus do Monte, in Braga, Portugal, has therefore just been named World Heritage of Humanity. The communicated of UNESCO specifies:

“This cultural landscape evokes Christian Jerusalem and reproduces a sacred mount crowned with a church. "

It took 6 centuries to build this sanctuary, mainly in baroque style.

“It has a series of chapels which house sculptures evoking the Passion of Christ, fountains, allegorical sculptures and classical gardens. The Via Crucis leads to the church, built between 1784 and 1811. The granite buildings have plaster facades, whitewashed with whitewash, framed by exposed stone masonry. The famous Five Senses Staircase, which features walls, steps, fountains, statues and other ornamental elements is the most iconic Baroque work within the property. "

In Pskov, Russia, it's a collection of buildings that have just been added to the list. The oldest elements date back to the 12th century.

“Churches, cathedrals, monasteries, fortification towers and administrative buildings make up this collection of monuments located in the historic town of Pskov, on the banks of the Velikaya, in the north-west of the country. […] Churches and cathedrals are integrated into their natural environment by means of gardens, perimeter walls and fences. "


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