Chinese archaeological find confirms biblical Flood story

Chinese scientists have just made a discovery which comforts Christians in their conviction: a flood did take place 4,000 years ago.

archaeologists have exhumed children's bones trapped by the waters in the valley of the Yellow River. Their dating takes them back to 2,000 BC, that is to say at the time of the Flood reported by the Bible.

For Ken Ham, from the creationist ministry Answers In Genesis, this discovery reported by the very serious Science magazine would be the latest in a long series of discoveries from this archaeological period. "Whether it is among the American Indians, the Fijians, the Hawaiians, the Eskimaus, the Aborigines of Australia or even ancient Babylon, there are myths of the Flood in many cultures around the world," explains Ham.

According to him, the myth of the Chinese flood has similarities with these many legends. “More precisely, the account of the Chinese myth of Yu the Great mentions a universal flood and an emblematic man associated with it”. However, none of the media that reported these facts has established a connection with the character of Noah. "There are sedimentary layers dating from this time all over the globe, all of which bear witness to the evidence of a universal Flood - but due to ideological presuppositions, scientists are not ready to take a closer look", defends Ham.

For Ken Ham, this scientific blindness is mainly linked to spiritual resistance:

“If the Bible is true, then God is the Creator and we are His property. It means that we have to submit to Him. It is He who sets the rules. Abortion is murder. Marriage concerns a man and a woman. And we all need to receive free salvation in Jesus Christ. "


source: OneNewsNow

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