Ukrainian bishops denounce situation of 46 surrogacy babies stranded in Ukraine

Ukrainian bishops appeal against Surrogacy.

Sviatoslav Shevchuk, head of the Ukrainian Greek-Catholic Church, and Archbishop Mieczyslaw Mokrzycki, interim president of the Ukrainian Bishops' Conference, appealed against the Surrogacy (GPA). They ask the authorities to “condemn and ban” “this shameful phenomenon” which “tramples on human dignity”.

At the origin of the appeal of these bishops, the analysis published by a clinic in Kiev, Ukraine, BioTexCom Clinic. We see 46 babies, "Who cry in modern incubators, deprived of maternal touch, parental warmth, due attention and care, much needed love, and are seen as a purchased product for which the buyer does not care. 'is not presented'.

These babies are from surrogate mothers. But, since the closure of the borders linked to the pandemic, the people who were to come to collect them at their birth are prevented from doing so.

For the signatories of the appeal, the “unacceptable” situation of these babies is “such a demonstration of contempt for the human person and his or her dignity, made possible by the legalization of surrogate motherhood”.

It is for them a "moral evil which causes countless suffering and inconvenience" and which is based on the principle of "buying and selling the functions of the human body", insisting that "no circumstance is can justify this practice ”.

“Every child is a gift from God which must be gratefully accepted within the framework of marriage between a man and a woman; every child has the right to be conceived naturally, and every child has the right to be born into a family and to be brought up in an atmosphere of love by his father and mother. "

The bishops say they are "in solidarity" with "the request of the Commissioner for Human Rights of the Ukrainian Parliament to prohibit, at the legislative level, the international trafficking of children in the country". They demand "the prohibition of surrogacy in any form and the guarantee of adequate care and adoption of newborns" and call on the Ukrainian government to "pay more attention to family policies in Ukraine , by creating an appropriate body to take care of all families and ensure that mothers do not have to exchange their bodies and their children for their survival and that of their loved ones ”.



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