Ukrainian Bible Society distributes Bibles in bomb shelters

Helped by church volunteers and chaplains, the Ukrainian Bible Society helps people affected by the conflict.

From the first day of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the spokesman of the Bible Society of Ukraine, Rostyslav Stasyuk, said, "It is crucial that we continue to support our churches and our people with Bibles". Yesterday he was testifying about how the Bible Society distributes food, medicine, clothing and Bibles in bomb shelters.

The spokesperson begins by stating that “all Ukrainian Bible Society staff are safe,” and the same is true for offices and warehouses.

One of them, Anatoliy Raychynets, Deputy Secretary General, was able to obtain a "special pass from the army in order to move freely in the city (Kiev, editor's note) during the curfew".

"With a small team and with church volunteers and chaplains, they try to help those in need: bringing food, clothes, medicine and Bibles to people in the bomb shelters ; by organizing the evacuation of families; by collecting and sending supplies for the army, etc. We had scripture audio devices and they were extremely helpful. »

The Bible Society is also coming to the aid of “large numbers of people moving from the eastern, southern and northern parts of the country to western Ukraine.” Rostyslav Stasyuk explains that local churches provide them with shelter, food and clothing. The Bible Society provides them with Bibles, although the spokesperson adds that the “stock is rapidly decreasing”.

“As the number of Ukrainians seeking refuge in neighboring countries increases and local churches and Christian organizations actively respond, we have had several conversations with Bible Societies in these countries to try to see how best to provide them with scripture . Our western branch works with pastors at the border to send scriptures there and then have them shipped across the border. The situation is complicated with borders currently overcrowded with people, so we are currently considering alternative routes, including digital ones. »

Anatoliy Raychynets calls us to prayer.

"Don't be quiet. Sincere thanks to many nations for the mass actions in favor of Ukraine. Pray and act! »


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