USA: Man Sentenced to 12 Worship Services After Assaulting Street Preacher

A man who assaulted a group of street preachers was sentenced to attend 12 worship at the Baptist church ... And the idea comes from him!

ake Stroteman, a 23-year-old commercial, was watching a hockey game while drinking beers with his friends when he felt accused by a street evangelism group.

“They told me I will go to hell. I didn't understand why they were judging me. "

Faced with this misunderstanding, the young man finally lost his temper and the conversation ended in violence, with Jake punching a man named Joshua Johnson in the face.

During the court appearance of the 2 men involved, Judge Mallory announced a sentence of 90 days in prison for Jake. Not wishing to go to jail, the assailant boldly offered the judge an alternative sanction.

This is how Jake was ordered to participate in 12 services of 90 minutes, for 12 consecutive Sundays, at the Morning Star Baptist Church which declared itself serious about salvation, aimed at making disciples.

Jake said:

“I'm going to listen with both ears and keep my mouth shut. I may then try to sell windows! "


source: Christian times

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