Donald Trump appointed judge Amy Coney Barrett confirmed to Supreme Court

Conservative Catholic Judge Amy Coney Barrett, appointed by Donal Trump to replace Judge Ruth Bader Ginsburg who died on September 18, was confirmed at the United States Supreme Court on the night of Monday to Tuesday. 

À a few days of the American presidential elections, Amy Coney Barrett's confirmation in the Supreme Court of the United States is a victory for the current Republican President Donald Trump.

With six Republican judges out of the nine who make up the Supreme Court, the president ensures that the highest court in the country is predominantly conservative.

Despite opposition from the Democrats, the Upper House confirmed Amy Coney Barrett by 52 votes to 48. While Republicans overwhelmingly supported the candidate, the New York Times reports that this is the first time in over XNUMX years that a judge has been confirmed without a single vote from the minority party.

In a video posted on his Twitter account to announce the appointment of the judge, Donald Trump, pays tribute to his “generosity”, his “faith” and his “compassion”. He adds that Amy Coney Barrett is "one of the nation's brightest academics" and will make "an incredible judge."

The new Supreme Court judge, mother of seven and committed Catholic, 48, was sworn in before Judge Clarence Thomas, who also sits on the Supreme Court.


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Amy Coney Barrett Catholic judge chosen by Donald Trump to succeed Ruth Bader Ginsburg on the Supreme Court

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