TV seriously harms the development of our children

We can only advise you to read Fabien Ginisty's excellent article on the site information. The synthesis produced by the author opens our eyes to the multitude of undesirable effects of the excessive use of television on the development of our children.

Fabien Ginisty comments on the work by Michel Desmurget, neuro-physiologist and doctor in neurosciences, with the evocative title, “Tele lobotomy”, in which the scientist outlines the hidden and visible “side effects” of television on young children and adolescents. Disturbances in attention, feeling of insecurity, imagination at half mast, violence ... The author of this study, carried out over many years, draws up an alarming state of affairs. The arguments are supported by a very large scientific literature devoted to the subject.

“All fields are affected, from intelligence to imagination, including language, reading, attention and motor skills. "

Even turned off, the television - and we can certainly expand to tablets and phones - over-stimulates young brains with short, varied, outside stimuli. The so-called “exogenous automatic” attention then develops to the detriment of “endogenous voluntary” attention, which is however that brought into play in the learning and memorization processes.

Regarding creativity, the compilation of these drawings of children aged 5 to 6 is an alarming illustration of the inhibition of creativity linked to overexposure to television.


We conclude with this extract from the work of the neuro-physiologist and invite you to discover the author on video, in an interview with Audrey Pulvar for France Inter.

“The small skylight does not make children stupid or visibly moronic, but it certainly prevents the optimal deployment of brain functions. The vox populi will obviously have a good time denying the existence of the slightest detriment: see, she will tell us, they watched TV and they did not do badly, they are not stupid. Nobody, however, will ask: this screen which they have watched so much, what has it stolen from them? "


Let's impose a TV and digital detox on our children and ourselves, and observe the beneficial effects!

Do not hesitate to share with us your family detox experiences.


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