SAT-7 receives news from Afghan Christians: "We are facing hell"

Since the Taliban took power, the media SAT-7 Pars receives daily news from Christians who seek to "flee this hell".

The organization International Release, which supports persecuted Christians, obtained from its partners news of the Afghan Christians who remained in their country. Although many Christians have been able to leave Afghanistan, there are still thousands of them living there as the Taliban control the borders.

Among these partners, the media SAT-7 Pars, which broadcasts Christian programs in Afghanistan. Its executive director, Panayiotis Keenan, claims to be contacted every day by Afghan Christians, for whom "the persecution is becoming more difficult".

“Since the Taliban took power, we have received many messages from Afghanistan indicating that the persecution is becoming more difficult. Afghan Christians contact us daily, describing how difficult the situation is. They hide and meet in secret places. But winter is coming and it will soon become more and more difficult. "

One of them begged, “Oh Lord God, please protect us, for we are facing hell”.

He is not the only one to evoke hell. Another Christian asked for help to "escape this hell."

“My family and I came to Christ two years ago. My family and I have received death threats. I have no other way but to escape the country. Help us to be heard so that we can escape this hell. "

During a live broadcast, a Christian testified to his dismay.

“Terrorists are demolishing what we have. Where can we go? What can we do ? Please keep praying for us. "

According to Release International, there could be thousands of Christians stranded in Afghanistan. The borders are controlled by the Taliban. Pakistan refuses entry of Afghan refugees on its soil. Iran says it has reached its limit of refugees and asylum seekers.


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Article originally published in September 2021.

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