Camille's editorial of September 21: Assassination of a pastor in Myanmar

Clashes continue to escalate in predominantly Christian Chin State in Myanmar.

The September 18, Baptist pastor Cung Biak Hum shot dead by soldiers as he was about to extinguish the fire in a house affected by the bombing. During these clashes, which pitted the Burmese army against the local defense forces, nineteen houses were destroyed by artillery fire.

For Tom Andrews, United Nations Special Rapporteur, these events "are the latest examples of the living hell waged daily by junta forces against the people of Myanmar."

There are also new manifestations of violence against Christians in Nigeria.

Okedayo Evangelical Church in Nigeria's Kogi State was storm Sunday morning by AK-47 gunmen. The toll of this attack is heavy. A Christian was killed on his way to the place of worship while three others were kidnapped.

The theme of persecuted Christians is an important subject for the writing of InfoChrétienne, which we try to cover regularly by relying on reliable sources. Unfortunately, not all of the content circulating on this subject is based on real facts. This is what the evangelical Christian humanitarian NGO, Open Doors, denounces.

In a press release published this Tuesday, September 21, the organization warns against false information circulating on the internet and by SMS about the persecuted Church. She points to three fakes news in particular to discover on our site.

Today's editorial ends on a happier note, with a raffle launched by the team behind "La Bénédiction France", song that we discovered in 2020.

To support their new and ever more ambitious worship project, take part in an online raffle. There are many prizes to be won including a signed jersey by Olivier Giroud, a signed jersey from his AC Milan teammate, Zlatan Ibrahimovic, or a signed jersey from Clément Langlet from FC Barcelona!

News that encourages us, once again, to unite in prayer for our persecuted brothers and sisters. They also invite us to always better inform ourselves and not to hesitate to cross our sources! And why not, to try to win a jersey signed by Olivier Giroud.

Camille Westphal Perrier

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