Camille's editorial of October 27

Today's news is full of dramatic stories that remind us that in many countries Christians are victims of persecution. Facial recognition cameras in churches in China, children slaughtered in a Christian school in Cameroon and a deadly attack on a church in India ...  

MBut if you will allow me, today I would like to look elsewhere. Towards other news, to draw some hope from it.

Because at the dawn of a probable reconfinement, while the second wave of the pandemic accelerates, I need hope.

2020 is undoubtedly a special and complex year for most of us, but it's also the year we heard the famous rapper Kanye West asserts his appetite for textual sermons.

Sure, it might make us smile, but isn't it amazing and even, heartening, to hear someone so atypical (and special, it could be said) but nonetheless immensely famous and talented, claiming their own right? love of scripture in a podcast listened to by millions of listeners?

We can also be encouraged by the history of Pastor Said Deeb. This pastor from Beirut, who was inspired by the Holy Spirit, sent the members of his team home a few hours before the explosion that devastated the city last August.

Today, the grateful pastor wants to give hope to the people of Beirut and he wants to believe that more miracles will be performed in the shattered city.

I too want to believe that miracles can be accomplished. In Beirut, China, India, Cameroon ...

And in France.

Let us put the authorities of our country in the hands of God, may he give them wisdom to face the second wave of this health crisis.

I also want to pray for all those who are frightened by possible confinement, whether for fear of loneliness, for fear of missing out, or for victims of violence at home. For all businesses and businesses and by extension, families who may be affected by these new measures. Not to mention the caregivers, already too busy during the first wave. Pray for their strength to be renewed.

Let us be full of hope, because our hope is in God and he never fails.

And then, when the doubt comes, let's not hesitate to do like Kanye West (yes, yes) and go back to the scriptures.

Camille Westphal Perrier


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