Camille's editorial of October 16

Tomorrow will take place world day the rejection of poverty, the theme of which this year is "Acting together to win social and environmental justice for all". 

Chis day which encourages us to "act" reminds me of a well-known Bible verse: "little children, do not love in word and with tongue, but in deed and in truth. (1 John 3:18).

The Bible therefore urges us to love in “action”.

But what is it to act? And above all, how can we love others through our actions?

Today's news is full of examples of men and women who take action, motivated by love.

The first example would be that of Father Aho, this Assyrian Orthodox priest who faces life imprisonment for having given bread and water to an activist of a political party considered terrorist. The priest does not deny the facts and stated that he only acted in accordance with his faith.

The action can also go through literature. This is what evangelical pastor Johnnie Moore and Orthodox rabbi Abraham Cooper show us with their book, The Next Jihad. In this book, they denounce thanks to numerous testimonies, the Christian genocide in Africa.

Sometimes taking action also means appealing to justice, as the Child lawyers. The association, which fights to defend the rights of children, has just won a legal victory against a site promoting surrogacy.

By appealing to President Emmanuel Macron to save Gloria Cecilia Narváez, the ex-hostage Sophie petronin is also in action. She has not forgotten the Colombian missionary with whom she spent her captivity and who is still a prisoner in Mali.

May the day of tomorrow be an encouragement to rethink our commitment and our actions and to love, always, our neighbor, not “in word” but in “actions and in truth”.

Camille Westphal Perrier


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