Camille's editorial of November 2

Tomorrow, Tuesday, November 3, the US presidential elections will be held between Donald Trump and Joe Biden. Some may think that as a French this does not concern us.

JI think, on the contrary, that it concerns us. In addition to the fact that this is the election of the leader of one of the greatest powers in the world and that therefore it can have an impact internationally, the American election has propelled the Christians, and especially evangelicals.

Indeed, more than ever, with this election evangelical Christians (and not evangelists!) Are highlighted..

In France, we often have difficulty understanding this mixture between faith, religion and political life, the vote. I think it's interesting to try to grasp the inner workings and understand why evangelical Christians are divided today in the race for the White House.

French secularism allows much less this mixture between politics and religion, although currently religion is a hot topic in France between the attack perpetrated against a church in Nice and the attack of a Orthodox priest in Lyon.

Not to mention that in the context of containment, elected Republicans asked the president to authorize the holding of services, arguing that for many French people it is “an essential moment”.

When it comes to politics, I am convinced that we have two roles to play. The first as a Christian is to pray “for all who exercise authority” as the Bible teaches us (1 Timothy 2.2: XNUMX). The second is our role as citizens in a democratic country, which is to vote whatever our opinions.

Of course, as French people, in this context, we can simply pray, that God gives wisdom to those who vote.

Camille Westphal Perrier


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