Persecuted Christians: Open House warns against fake news circulating on the internet

The NGO Open Doors denounces several false information circulating on social networks and by SMS about alleged massacres of Christians.

Open Doors is an evangelical Christian humanitarian international NGO that supports Christians who are victims of persecution. In a communicated published this Tuesday, September 21, the organization warns against false "alarmist" information circulating on the internet and by SMS on the persecuted Church.

The organization points to three fake news in particular that come up regularly.

The first concerns the Christians of Afghanistan. If they face an increased threat since the return to power of the Taliban, a subject that has been repeatedly raised by InfoChrétienne, information which suggests that 229 missionaries were sentenced to death in Afghanistan on August 15, date of the capture of Kabul, however, is wrong.

A “fake news” which, according to the Christian NGO, has actually been circulating on social networks since 2009, a time when the Taliban were not yet in power and which evoked the death sentences of 22 missionaries. The organization specifies that behind "this sinister hoax", there is a fund of truth. It concerns the kidnapping in 2007 of 23 South Korean missionaries and the execution of two of them.

The second false information denounced by Open Doors is a video in which we see several people lying on the ground in plastic bags. The caption of the video indicates that it is about Christian missionaries in Afghanistan who were murdered because of their faith. In fact, reveals the NGO, it is a demonstration against the government in Colombia filmed in May 2021.

The third fake news pointed out by the organization is an email that has been circulating since 2011 asking to pray for the Church in India which would be persecuted by Buddhist extremists. “Buddhist extremists in India torched 20 churches last night. Tonight they planned to destroy 200 churches in Olisabang province. They plan to kill 200 missionaries over the next 24 hours, ”the post read. First of all, as Open Doors clarified, the province of Olisabang does not exist.

Then, if Christians are really persecuted in India, a subject that comes up regularly on our site, it is Hindu nationalists and not Buddhists who are at the origin of these persecutions.

Information that would be inspired by the Khandamal massacre in 2008 where “100 Christians were killed, 300 churches and 6.000 homes of Christians were damaged. 55.000 people were left homeless. »Says Open Doors. A wave of violence caused by the murder of a Hindu leader perpetrated by Maoists according to the organization, but of which the Christians had been accused.

It reminds us of the importance of checking our sources and staying vigilant with how we get informed.

At InfoChrétienne, we are not perfect, we are wrong or we may be wrong sometimes, but we do our best to bring you reliable information. “Inform, encourage, edify, mobilize” is our motto.

Camille Westphal Perrier

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