Pentecostal pastor sentenced to life for killings in Rwanda in 1994

Jean Uwinkindi was arrested in Uganda in 2010 and then sent to the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda, which was sitting in Tanzania.

TTransferred to Rwanda in 2012, he appeared in May 2014 in Kigali before the Special Chamber of the High Court. Pastor Jean Uwinkindi, accused of "crimes, genocide and extermination constituting crimes against humanity" has always proclaimed his innocence:

“I did not commit the crimes mentioned by the prosecution, on the other hand I am a victim of the genocide. "

“I don't have human blood on my hands. I swear it before God and men. I am credited with powers that I did not have. "

This former Pentecostal pastor was finally sentenced to life imprisonment having been found guilty of ordering the massacre of 100 to 150 Rwandans of Tutsi ethnicity during the 1994 genocide. They had found refuge in his church in Kayenzi.

Judge Timothee Kanyegeri said in delivering his verdict:

“The court decides that Uwinkindi is guilty of murder equivalent to the crime of genocide, and of extermination equivalent to the crime against humanity, and should therefore be punished with a life sentence. "

The former pastor decided to appeal his conviction.


source: AFP and Hirondelle News Agency

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