Palestinians demand UNESCO Dead Sea Scrolls

Palestinians prepare to claim the Dead Sea Scrolls from the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization.

Eitan Klein, deputy director of the Israel Antiquities Authority, said he had been informed that the Palestinians had raised the issue at the Intergovernmental Committee for "the promotion of the return of cultural property to their country of origin or its restitution in cases of illegal appropriation ”. The official request would be filed next year. Israel, not being a member of this committee, only has observer status.

“This is another example of the provocation of the Palestinians who are trying to rewrite history and erase our connection to our land. "

Said Carmel Shama-Hacohen, representative of Israel at the UN body of culture.

The Dead Sea Scrolls are considered one of Israel's most important archaeological finds. Discovered by a Bedouin shepherd, the scrolls contain the earliest Hebrew Bible texts ever discovered, and serve as the oldest written evidence of the presence of the Hebrew people on this land.

The scrolls, made from animal skin, contain 981 texts believed to have been written during the Second Temple period. Most of the manuscripts were written in Hebrew. A number of them were written in Aramaic and Greek.

“The Dead Sea Scrolls are important archaeological evidence of the presence of the Jewish people in the Land of Israel. "

Shama-Hacohen said.

The scrolls were discovered in a series of caves at Qumran in the eastern Judean Desert, from 1947 to 1956. The area is claimed by the Palestinians and belongs to a list of conservation areas that Palestine wishes to register as 'state. Palestinians claim that because the scrolls were discovered beyond the Green Line, they were illegally claimed by Israel. However, the region is in Area C of the West Bank, which is under Israel's control under the Oslo Accords of 1993.

At the time of the discovery of the scrolls, Qumran was under British rule. It was later under Jordanian rule, according to the Jerusalem Post.

“Either way, just like with the Temple Mount and the Western Wall, the scrolls will stay in our hands and the Palestinians will be left with their dreams. "

Shama-Hacohen said.

This news follows to UNESCO resolutions denying the links of Judaism with the site of the Temple Mount.


source: Gospel Herald

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