Olivier Giroud proud of his Christian faith in C à vous

Invited in C à vous, Monday, November 8, the World Champion Olivier Giroud once again spoke of his faith in God.

Monday, November 8, Olivier Giroud was invited to Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine's show during a meeting with comedian Gad Elmaleh to talk about sport, fashion, humor, family and also… God.

Olivier Giroud is the second highest scorer of all time for the France team, as the presenter recalled at the start of the show. Unsurprisingly, the first subject on which the player has been questioned is therefore football. He notably returned to the fact that he had not been selected for the France team. The World Champion said he had not retired and that he "would be happy to return" although he is currently taking the opportunity to devote himself to his club AC Milan and to spend time with him. his family.

“If the coach needs me, I will respond. But I took a step back from that, I focus on my club, AC Milan, I also spend a little more time with my family, which is most dear to me, and we will see what the future holds. "

“I have already been very lucky. I consider myself blessed to have been able to realize my childhood dream, ”continues the footballer.

But Olivier Giroud is not only an athlete, he is also a father, a "fashion victim" according to his brother interviewed by the journalists of C à vous, he is also and, perhaps even above all, a Christian.

Invited on the occasion of the Wednesday release of the pocket edition of his book, "Always believe in it" updated with his journey in the Champions League and Euro 2021, in which Jesus holds an important place, Pierre Lescure evokes the faith of the player.

“You thank Jesus at the end of your book: 'Thank you Jesus for your love, you are my inner strength to always believe in it, Amen'. "Recalls the journalist who claims to be impressed by the way in which Olivier Giroud has always assumed his faith" fully and publicly ".

“It's not something I'm ashamed of, some people are quite surprised at how I'm witnessing it. I am proud of that and for me I also have a role of flag bearer, to talk about it. And quite simply to say that I am proud of the story of Jesus. It brings me a lot of humility, to always be positive, to put things into perspective, ”replies the player who does not miss an opportunity to testify to his love for Christ.

“I encourage people who want to know more to read the word of God,” he concludes.

Camille Westphal Perrier

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Article originally published in November 2021.

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