North Korean propaganda teaches Christians kill and drink the blood of their victims

A female pastor of an underground church in North Korea, who fled her country to South Korea, testifies to the regime's anti-Christian propaganda. Indeed, the North Korean authorities teach that all forms of religion are deadly, and that Christians kill and drink the blood of their victims.

UA National Catholic Register report tells the story of Pastor Hae Woo, sentenced to several years in a labor camp for trying to flee the country. Converted several years before her arrest, Hae Woo began to evangelize in secret during her captivity. After a few conversions, a small secret church was born from his ministry.

“On Sundays and religious holidays, a few faithful gathered to praise the Lord in the toilets or other small unsupervised corners of their miserable barracks. "

In the interview, this evangelist explains how God gave her the strength to survive, and the desire to share his word with other inmates, despite the enormous risks due to the heavy penalties provided for proselytizing Christians, Christianity being illegal in the country.

Hae Woo also tells how propaganda affects North Koreans' perception of the Christian faith. The pastor explains that all forms of religion are prohibited, mainly Christianity, which is compared to “opium, addictive and destructive”. Before her conversion, she listened with horror to the regime's stories which made the population hate Christians.

“I have heard stories about Christians who went to the hospital, seduced people in the cellars, killed them there, and sucked blood from their bodies before selling it. This thought was horrible to me. "

Hae Woo eventually managed to flee to South Korea. She can freely practice her faith there.

“Of course there are a lot of bad things here and some people think South Korea is too materialistic, but what do they know about freedom?… I learned what is freedom in the camp. "

For the 14th year in a row, North Korea is at the top of the Open Doors Persecution Index.


source: Gospel Herald

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