Myanmar: Army document calls on soldiers to 'punish and destroy' ethnic minority Christians and civilians

As the Civil Disobedience Movement and peaceful protests against the coup continue in Burma, a document encouraging soldiers to shoot civilians has been uncovered.

Au Myanmar, the people continue their Civil Disobedience Movement against the Rebellion, determined to make itself heard and to restore democracy despite the intensification of armed patrols and demonstrations of force.

Scary Burmese Army document discovered reports Barnabas Fund Tuesday, February 16th. This document encourages soldiers to "punish and destroy" Christians from ethnic minorities as well as other civilians who oppose the military regime, or who criticize it on social networks.

It is an official document that lists a series of actions that the Burmese military should take. This includes, for example, firing the equivalent of a machine gun at individuals or using a pistol capable of throwing grenades at groups of civilians. The document also calls on the military to round up all dissident civilian doctors and nurses and to report on any local leaders who do not fully cooperate with the military.

In the face of growing threats, Christian leaders are calling for prayer for the Burmese people and "for a change of heart" from military leaders. They also ask for prayer for the people of Karen State who are currently hiding in the jungle.

“Please pray for the Karen people who are hiding in the jungle. "

Camille Westphal Perrier

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Article originally published in February 2021.

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