“Long live the change! »: Danielle, nurse and mother of four boys stays the course

“All the changes in life have their share of difficulties because you have to readjust,” says Danielle, a dynamic nurse and mother of four boys.

Turbulence zone

And given her background, she speaks from experience. She still remembers the last period of turbulence, which particularly affected the family. It all started in 2002. Her husband is self-employed and the owner of the building in which he works does not do some of the necessary work.

A battle in court ensues. “Me, I wanted him to stop his activity and I interpreted this whole story as being willed by God,” she explains. She reads the passage from the Bible where the disciples replace Judas: "Let someone take his place" (Acts 1:20). For her, it is clear: someone will replace her husband in this building.


A "chance" meeting allows her husband to get out of his lease and conclude the case in court. God is filling a position in another city and they are moving out. After a few months, it's shock: her husband loses his job. “We didn't understand,” she recalls, “we had the impression that we had done everything right, that it was God who had opened the doors for us to this new position. We had uprooted the family to settle somewhere where we didn't know anyone ”. Her husband is not entitled to unemployment because he was previously self employed.

Despite the circumstances, she lives in incredible inner peace. “I knew we had made the right decision to move. It went on for several months with no income but we were helped, we lacked for nothing ”. God opened a door again several months later and her husband found work.

Disappointing transition to adulthood

Long before this episode, Danielle remembers having experienced other disappointments, faced with a hoped-for change. She was 19-20 years old. She did her nursing school but it was mainly to please her parents: “It was not as I imagined it to be. I thought it would be easier, more interesting ”.
Her brother had converted and still invited her to church but she didn't want to hear about it. “I didn't smile much at the time! », She says. “I went out on weekends with my friends, but the week was gloomy”.

The change of faith

One day, Danielle receives a package: her first in nursing school! She excitedly opens it only to realize that it was Experiencing God's Reality by Larry Richards (The League ed.), A book she had promised her brother to read. “I would have liked to have received something else,” she recalls, “but I told myself that the sooner I started reading, the sooner I would be done”.

To her surprise, the more she goes, the more she looks forward to continuing. She is so captivated that she rushes to her room at the end of class to find her book. A week later, she accepts the invitation to entrust her life to Jesus.

“My roommate even remarked to me that in the morning I was more welcoming, more cheerful. Overnight, my life was transformed: it made sense. "

She starts going to church with a friend and there she learns more about God.

The twists and turns of life

Between her conversion and the painful episode of the legal battle waged by her husband, there were many other changes in Danielle's life: moves, several jobs, training, her marriage, the birth of her children.

When it comes time to take stock, Danielle sums up her career as follows. “During difficult times, I was able to trust God, who guided and accompanied me, always faithful. I have noticed that the more difficult the situation, the more God is present, directly or through a person who has the right words, for example. God knows exactly what we need. Better than ourselves! I still want to trust him! », She concludes.

Rebecca Reymond

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