Lebanese Church Saved by the Holy Spirit, Uses Ministry to Help Those in Need in Beirut

Pastor Said Deeb of the Life Center Church in Beirut recounts that he and the members of his church were miraculously spared thanks to a “hunch of the Holy Spirit”. Since then, the church has mobilized to help those who are suffering. 

Un Lebanese pastor tells, in a video posted by Mission Field Media on October 17, how God miraculously spared his life and the lives of his church members during the Beirut explosion last August.

He adds that the Lord still does miracles today in the broken city.

A few days after the explosion, CBN News spoke with the Pastor Said Deeb from the church Life Center in Beirut, he states that he survived because of a "hunch of the Holy Spirit."

Before the explosion ripped through Beirut's port, Pastor Said Deeb said he had a bad feeling and ordered all church staff to return home.

“They thought I had lost my mind but they didn't know and I didn't know it was a prompting of the Holy Spirit either. "

A decision that probably saved many lives. Because shortly after, a massive explosion shook the city of Beirut causing countless deaths and injuries.

The pastor reports, in the video released a few days ago, that his church is about a mile from the epicenter of the blast and has suffered significant damage. Thanks to his intuition and the action of the Holy Spirit, no one was hurt except a security guard.

“We are thankful for God's protection. "

In the video, we can see the damage caused by the explosion on the church building where repairs are underway.

The Life Center church was already very involved in the old town with a charity, it has also been helping Syrian refugees for more than ten years, and they have a school that welcomes hundreds of children.

Today, Said Deeb uses his ministry to touch the lives of those suffering in the city of Beirut.

“Now we are trying to reach the families around us who have lost their jobs, their homes, their hope. It is impossible to survive without hope. "

Life Center Church feeds the hungry, repairs homes, and pays rent to those in need. The pastor wishes with these actions to give hope to people in need.

“We give them a little hope and I believe that hope will enlighten their faith and that one day that faith will give them the miracle they need. "


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