Kanye West opens up about Jesus and his preference for textual preaching

Guest of a famous American podcast presented by Joe Rogan, rapper Kanye West took the opportunity to talk about his faith. 

Kanye West was interviewed on Friday on the Joe Rogan podcast. The famous rapper who is no longer introduced spent more than three hours talking about his electoral campaign, of his career as a stylist and producer, of bipolarity, of politics and above all of Jesus!

In October 2019, Kanye West released an album titled “Jesus is king”, since he has multiplied statements on his faith and his conversion.

During his interview with Joe Rogan, the Christian rapper expressed himself in particular on his appetite for textual sermons followed (or exegetical preaching). It is a type of preaching that is intended to be as close as possible to the Bible and offers a study of the text, to be distinguished from thematic preaching.

A statement noticed and taken up on social networks.

Kanye West develops his point by insisting on the importance of "the study of the word", according to the singer he needs "solid food" with regard to the word of God. He wishes to be “able to understand” what God wants to “say to him through the Bible”.

“The way he preaches is called followed textual preaching. That is to say, a preaching over the words. I like different ways of preaching, but there are some preachers who have the Bible in their hands and close it and then get up and talk for hours. Some of them have a special anointing, but the preachers closest to the text are really studying the word. And for me, who comes from the entertainment world, I'm used to being told about salads. I don't need salad on the word of God. I need solid food to be given to me, so that I can understand exactly what God wants to tell me through the Bible whether it is in the King James version or some other version. "


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