Justin Bieber's pastor Judah Smith opens up about relationship with singer in Christian Post interview

It is no longer a secret. Justin Bieber never hesitates to share his journey of faith with Jesus. It is his pastor's turn to speak in an interview for the Christian Post. At the end of the interview devoted to burnout, the journalist questions the pastor on his relationship with the star:

VYou are sometimes referred to as “Justin Bieber's Pastor,” and you are in touch with other celebrities. What does a ministry look like to people with significant cultural influence? ... Would you like to tell people that celebrities put their pants on the same as everyone else?

“I think I learned more from Justin than he could learn through me… With him, I feel like family. We talk almost every day. With Justin, I understood the text: "What would it be for a man to gain everyone, if he lost his soul". I have learned that all the traps in our culture leave us lifeless. What really matters in life, even if you have hundreds of millions of dollars and you are one of the most famous people in the world, is the relationship, the genuine relationship, whether it is with God or with each other. others. "

He concludes as follows:

“Yes, it's something unique when a celebrity comes to church. We need to make her upset as she listens to the Gospel… But what she needs is what we all need: love, grace, relationship. "


source: Christian post

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