Judoka priest neutralizes attacker before he has time to strip him

The story is unique and may give rise to a smile, but it is nevertheless very real. Sunday morning at 7 am, while the priest of Drancy is sleeping in the presbytery, he is awakened by a noise and finds himself face to face with a burglar who breaks a bottle on his head.

Lhe 48-year-old priest, a former judoka who was however injured, quickly regained his self-defense reflexes. He immobilizes his attacker on the ground in a few holds and warns the emergency services. When the police officers learn of the attack on a priest, they immediately think of the terrible tragedy of Saint-Etienne-de-Rouvray, evacuate the Sainte-Louise-de-Marillac church where Sunday mass takes place.

After a short investigation, they discover that it is only a simple case of delinquency.

Well done to this judoka priest!


source: The new republic

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