Jerusalem: exceptional opening of the tomb of Jesus

1st century, a funeral bed cut into the rock in the middle of a disused quarry to accommodate, for a time, the body of Christ. Three centuries later, the first Christian emperor, Constantine, had a church built there in order to give glory to God.

t still today the Church of the Holy Sepulcher is a high place of pilgrimage, 2 million visitors go there each year, to meditate in front of what tradition considers to be the place where the body of Jesus was laid.

For 3 days, the emotion was all the more intense. From October 26 to 29, the marble slab covering the tomb was moved. All the guests live this historic moment with intensity. The plaque had not been moved since 1809.

Jean-François Colosimo, historian of religions, explains to the Parisian :

 There will never be scientific proof of the resurrection of Jesus because it belongs to the register of faith. But perhaps radiographic and dating analyzes will allow us to know at what precise period this stone was cut and if it is probably the place identified as being where the body of Christ was laid after his death. "

Infrared thermography, fiber optic microscopes, samples, radiographic and dating analyzes. This work, carried out by Greek experts, is funded by 3 Christian denominations of the Holy Sepulcher (Greeks-Orthodox, Franciscans and Armenians) as well as public and private contributions.

Restoration work is expected to be completed by Easter 2017.


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