Iraqi MP Vian Dakhil redeems Yezidi women, ISIS sex slaves, one by one

If his name is unknown to us, his poignant appeal to the Iraqi parliament has been remembered.

“My brothers, in the name of humanity, I beg you, save us. "

Ashe launched in parliament in 2014, after Daesh soldiers seized the city of Sinjar, in Iraqi Kurdistan. She denounced in tears, the fate of the Yezidi religious minority, the murder of men and the sexual slavery of women.

Only 2 days after the capture of Sinjar by Daesh, the only Yezidi deputy in Iraq spoke courageously of genocide to evoke the fate of the Yezidi community, in front of the parliament in Baghdad. And Vian Dakhil did not stop at a speech. Thanks to her notoriety, she was able to unite a foundation around her and use social networks to relay her message.

After Daesh withdrew from Sindjar, observers were finally able to discover the scale of the massacres, claiming the lives of thousands of men and enslaving more than 5000 women. Because Daesh systematized rape by establishing a “rape theology”, which advocates “virtuous” rape and sexual slavery in the “sacred doctrine of religion”.

Vian Dakhil then decides to redeem the women and children held in slavery by Daesh members in Iraq and Syria.

"I pay between 4000 and 6000 dollars per person, a little less for the children".

Vian receives calls for help on his personal phone. She estimates the number of sex slaves still detained at 2200.

“Some prisoners tell me about the abuse they endured, it is beyond imagination. "

Of the 620 Iraqi yezidis, 000 are forced to live in camps, their villages having been completely destroyed by Daesh. The entire community is traumatized by rape and forced marriages which often lead to the rejection of female victims.

“Baba Sheikh, the spiritual leader of the Yezidi community issued a fatwa so that women are not rejected by their families. He insisted that everyone understand that they are the victims. It has helped us a lot. ”

Vian Dakhil is today the most wanted woman in Iraq for having dared to challenge the Islamic State.


source: Time

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