Despite the persecutions, the Underground Church in Iran is growing!

The organization Open doors estimates that there are 450 Christians in Iran, of whom 370 would be converted Muslims. Other organizations bring this number to 1 million. These Christians, more and more numerous, risk prison or the death penalty because they meet in houses to praise the Lord Jesus Christ together.them.

e Pars Theological Center of London is currently training 200 Iranian Christians to become strong leaders for the Church of tomorrow. 70% of these students live in Iran and are active in home group networks.

Under Hassan Rouhani's regime around 100 Christians remain imprisoned to this day because of their Christian faith. In 2010 Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei asserted that groups of houses and underground churches constituted "a betrayal of the Islamic faith and a seduction for young Islamists." In Iran, persecutions against Christians began in 1979 following the establishment of the Islamic republic.

If Iran has released in January 2016 Pastor Abedini, many pastors still languish in Iranian prisons, suffering ill-treatment and torture. Pastor Behnam Irani has been in prison for 6 years for preaching the Gospel in a home group and sharing his faith with Muslims, he is accused of "action against the state".


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