In the United States, he rapes a 17-year-old migrant to make her the surrogate mother of his child

The 17-year-old Guatemalan was raped 5 times before she was able to escape.

Le Sioux City Federal Court in Iowa just sentenced Cristobal Francisco to 18 months in prison, and his wife Amy to 12 months and 1 day in prison. They had illegally entered USA a 17-year-old girl, with her father, from Guatemala, in order to make her their surrogate mother.

The couple admitted at the hearing that they planned to make the girl their surrogate mother, offering to pay all the expenses related to the pregnancy, the birth and then the adoption of the baby and promising her that she could continue her studies and that her father could find a job.

Thus, in November 2019, their departure from Guatemala was organized by the Francisco couple, to their home in Sioux-City.

Upon her arrival, the girl was raped on 5 occasions, including one in the presence of Cristobal's wife who was standing at the door and watching the assault. The couple, who talk about a "Natural insemination", believes that the minor was consenting.

“The surrogacy contract which mentioned natural insemination was only a preliminary step. "

The girl eventually managed to escape.

Cristobal Francisco and Amy Francisco will be transported to federal prison.


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